Going through all my past projects, I discovered I'd never finished my acrylic MiSter case–I'd put everything together but didn't take the time to wire up the three case switches, leaving me without the crucial Reset and OSD buttons (I've still not found a use for the User button).

Armed with a new-found desire to finish up my projects and free myself up to do other things, I ordered the appropriate JST connectors from Mouser and set about soldering everything up.

Finally fully functional, my MiSTer case with all the switches wired up

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how the case turned out. It's been a pleasure to go back to it after all this time and get to enjoy some of the design choices I made–I love how it shows off the internals of the MiSTer. Of course, there's a bunch of things I'd change1, but it's nice to call it 'finished', at least for a little while.

  1. Not least reducing the number of port cutouts.