Mount Umunhum – August 18, 2018

Lukas and I took our bikes to Mount Umunhum and tried out some mountain biking: down one of the trails, and then back by way of the road. I’ve recently been enjoying SoulCycle spin classes, but this ride definitely gave…

Calendars – June 27, 2018

Each year, I produce calendars for family and loved ones, featuring photos taken throughout the year. Typically, I use the built-in support for creating wall calendars in Photos for macOS. In Vienna however, Junko and I wanted something a little smaller,…

2D Designs – June 26, 2018

Since learning Fusion 360, it’s become my go-to tool for any kind of CAD. The ability to so quickly dimension sketches and add constraints makes it great for 2D as well as 3D. Using Fusion, creating a simple 2D template to…