Developer Tools

  • build-tools–Collection of convenience build tools for iOS and macOS development
  • changes–Lightweight and unopinionated tool for Conventional Commits and Semantic Versioning
  • git-tools–Git Aliases and Commands
  • github-status–GitHub Actions Report Generator
  • InContext–Extensible static site generator

Archival Tools






  • Flutter
    JavaScript Twitter Client

  • InJapan
    Dashboard Countdown Widget

  • InModem
    System-Tray Application for Controlling an AirPort Extreme Modem

  • InSync
    Sync4j 1.2 vCard and vCalendar Plugin

  • Locate
    Show URLs on a Map

  • Multifolder
    Utility for Adding Multiple Folders to macOS Smart Folders

  • Photo Export
    Utility for Exporting Photos From Apple Photos

  • Transmogrify
    Folder Action for Transcoding Movies to iPod, iTunes and Apple TV Formats

You can also find my software on my personal GitHub account, or the InSeven Limited GitHub account.