As the number of projects I work on has increased, I've found myself putting together various tools to help me keep on top of things.

github-status is one such tool. It allows me to keep an eye on the daily and ever-growing number of GitHub Actions I have--unfortunately these fail with reasonable regularity when tools and dependencies are updated and it's important to address failures quickly to keep everything running smoothly.1

github-status lets me quickly check on the latest builds of all my projects

I've been using github-status for about a year, but I recently took the time to update it with additional information. It can now report on specific per-project workflows, show the age of builds (highlighting ones that are over a certain age and might be at increased risk of dependency changes), and surface direct links to build jobs to make it easy to quickly investigate build failures.

Quickly reporting on a collection of repositories is simply a matter of specifying them on the command-line (for more involved reporting, there's a configuration file). For example, I can report on OpoLua, Fileaway, and Symbolic as follows:

github-status \
    inseven/opolua \
    inseven/fileaway \

I'm considering writing an iOS app for accessing similar information on-the-go and would love feedback on whether people would find that useful. In the meantime, you can get github-status from GitHub.

  1. I consciously avoid pinnning dependencies so I discover breaking changes quickly and can--hopefully--address them just as quickly.