I was recently mentioned in a tweet by Paula Rodríguez who has reworked the images I pulled from Google's Tea House themes into a single wallpaper. She's done a wonderful job of combining all the different exploits of our little fox friend and I encourage you to check out her art.

Paula's wallpaper shows the Little Fox as he goes about his day

Seeing Paula's work reminded me that I had always wanted to produce a dynamic version of the Tea House wallpaper that changes throughout the course of the day. Since this is now natively supported in macOS, I set about creating one: I found and fixed a number of bugs in the original HTML, added a script to auto-generate frames for different resolutions by scripting Chrome, and then used Equinox to generate the dynamic wallpapers.

The updated wallpaper automatically cycles through the 12 scenes during the day

I've packaged up a few different sizes of the dynamic wallpaper for download directly here. If there's a specific size you'd like, please feel free to reach out, or generate your own from the source on GitHub.

In the process of updating the wallpaper I realised Google have themselves updated the theme and, while they haven't added support for retina screens, they've adjusted the colours and gradients--perhaps something I'll pick up in a future update.