Back in high school (sometime during the 90s), my good friend Mike and I wrote a bunch of software together, from websites to desktop apps. Wandering around my hard drive, I recently came across a screenshot Mike sent me of one of those apps.

Mike's HTML Launcher setup

HTML Launcher was an HTML tag editor designed to help build websites. While I can't claim to have had much (if any) input into the code--Mike was by far and a way the most prolific coder of the two of us--I seem to remember designing the icon set in all of its glowing blue glory.

I quickly tried to see if I could extract the original icons, but with no luck. I did, however, find a number of builds of HTML Launcher, going back to version 1 which was entirely Mike's work. It was fun to try firing it up under Wine on elementary OS (though it doesn't do much).

HTML Launcher 1 on elementary OS

Perhaps I'll go spelunking in the backups and publish the source one of these days.