Looking through some old files, I recently came across this fantastic selection of pager codes that came with the Swatch The Beep pager watch. Presumably they were going after a more trendy audience, but their choice of phrases seems somewhat strange: I love the idea of paging someone to tell them to, 'Take a break, will you', or perhaps, that you're, 'Going away for 2 days'.

Family Codes

Code Description
801 Please go shopping
802 Kids getting on my nerves
803 Auntie's coming for tea
804 Been to the shops
805 Washed the car
806 Cook up something yummy
807 Visitors / bad atmosphere
808 Visitors gone / coast clear
809 Red wine's finished
810 I'd like some flowers
811 Holidays booked
812 Don't tell a soul
813 Will you be on time?
814 Take the dog for a walk
815 Going away for 2 days
816 Take a break, will you
817 Not at home
818 Beer's in the fridge
888 It's a girl
889 It's a boy