Being that I am quite useless in updating my blog, I can only imagine that my readership (small though it might be) are quite unaware of my recent travel arrangements. That is, with the exception of those 79-or-thereabouts who follow me on Twitter.

Representing a relative departure from my usual travels, I am currently aboard flight KQ0117. This will take me into Nairobi from where I shall onwards to Uganda and Entebbe. Usually attracted by the bright lights and expensive restaurants of the West and, more recently, the East, I have never found much appeal in Africa, venturing only once to Egypt with my parents a number of years previous. Now, with a friend (as all newly trained doctors seem to) serving out his medical elective in the town of Kiwoko, I find I have cause and my recent departure from my job gives me oportunity.

I shall endeavour to catalog the events of the next few weeks in coming posts which, I expect, will reflect the usual mélange of emotions with no shortage of culture shock as oft experienced during travel.