Flutter is a light-weight iGoogle Twitter client and is the first of a number of small personal development projects I intend to release in the coming weeks and months.

It is offered as an alternative to the fairly heavy-weight user experiences offered by many of the existing iGoogle-based solutions. All tweets, including replies and direct messages are re-threaded into a single feed to avoid switching between multiple tabs:

As the post title suggests, Flutter is currently in beta and, while I encourage everyone to give it a try, do expect to find a few pesky little bugs. I look forward to hearing about all such occurrences and will endeavour to fix them as soon as humanly possible.

On Authentication

Currently authentication is performed by passing users' credentials directly through a POST request to Twitter via the server hosting jbmorley.co.uk. I am well aware this is exceptionally in-elegant; it merely serves as an interim solution until OAuth support has been implemented so please bear with me.

The Future

Suggestions and recommendations are always gratefully received. I am personally considering providing TweetDeck-like behaviour in the Canvas view, but this will require some internal rearchitecting so it’s some ways off right now…

Update: You can now find the original source on GitHub.