Much has happened since my last weblog (considered) posting so this collection of comments is by way of a summary of some of those events.

February took Junko and I to Hanamaki, the home of Miyazawa Kenji, for some rest and relaxation. It proved wonderfully slow and middle-aged place with a little snow remaining from the winter.

Since returning from a second trip to Japan this year, I have now decided that it's time to leave Symbian (now Nokia) and move to pastures anew. It's currently unclear where this will lead me but I certainly hope to tidy up a few personal software projects on the way; there are at least a couple of iPhone applications in the works and the Android Dev Phone 1 is sitting patiently on the side.1

The last few months have been a fairly unsettled and over the last year and a half I have lived in more hotels than I care to consider. For the time being however, I have found myself space with Alan and Mike and enjoying feeling a little more grounded. Cheshunt is a gorgeous little commuter village outside London and the recent weather afforded me a collection of photos2.

  1. More details coming soon.
  2. Anyone looking for photos hosted on MobileMe will be sorely disappointed. After far too long trying to maintain more than one system, I've finally given up and given my allegiance to Flickr.