In but a couple of weeks, I'm planning to move to Chicago for a few months. For part of my US visa application, it has been necessary to retrace my travels over the past 10 years to pull together a complete travel history. Since this proved a far more challenging task than anticipated, it seemed sensible to record it for future reference:

Year Countries Visited
2008 Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea
2007 Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia, Australia
2006 Japan
2005 France, Japan
2004 China
2003 France
2002 France, Austria, Italy
2001 France, Denmark, Sweden
2000 Egypt, Holland
1999 France
1998 Germany, France, Isle of Man

As we're only two thirds of the way through 2008, I'm looking forward to adding a couple more to the list before the year's out.