As I am currently residing in China, I tend to try to hold my tongue -- at least on the internet -- when it comes to Chinese politics. Politics which, so oft, gives me what might be described as "The Willies".

I must allow myself one miner digression, however, to highlight the irony in CCTV -- a Chinese TV news network -- showing people protesting about the reliability of BBC news coverage, whilst CCTV's own record in such matters is somewhat… interesting:

Now, after much thought (and a regular changing of the mind), I am of the opinion that Beijing should certainly be given the oportunity to host the Olympics and we -- in the rest of the World -- must embrace China. China should be given every chance possible to continue to prosper [though perhaps it is arrogant to assume we have much choice in the matter now].

However, as part of this, it is time for the establishment to realise that, as China takes an ever increasingly prominent role on the World-stage, even its internal politics will come under greater scrutiny. The traditional solution of smoke-and-mirrors will no longer suffice.

As a side-note, I'm interested to see if my digression gets my website blocked by the Great Firewall or not.

Update: Thanks go to Mike, my self-appointed editor, for his re-wording of paragraph 2.