Since upgrading to OS X Leopard, I've experienced a number of bugs, making this one of my most unpleasant Apple-related migrations to date:

  • for some unknown reason, the installer wouldn't initially see my system disk
  • the installer lost my keychain,
  • Spotlight insisted on re-indexing after installation,
  • iDisk syncing keeps getting confused,
  • secure empty trash invariably hangs,
  • clicking on the desktop to task-switch to the finder only works half the time,
  • AirPort Extreme disks no longer auto-mount,
  • iPhoto Web Galleries still don't show up in iTunes for syncing.

On the whole, the new OS feels like a step in the right direction, but it's far from the end user experience I've come to expect from Apple.

I'm intending to keep this list up-to-date so I can keep a record of all the issues observed.