When I originally put together the 'Maps' section of In7, I planned to record all the various trips I have taken. Further, I had contemplated a 'Current' section for tracking my current location using some GPS system of some sorts.

Having now moved away from this centralized mapping solution to small embeddable JavaScript widgets, I thought it would be a shame not to still record a few of the recent trips for posterity:

Japan, 2006

Last summer, my first in Japan, I journeyed down to the South with my parents stopping at various places on the way: [pin map="japan" name="Hakone" lat=35.244217 lng=139.053612], [pin map="japan" name="Takayama" lat=36.142311 lng=137.263184], [pin map="japan" name="Miyajima" lat=34.294948 lng=132.325516], [pin map="japan" name="Nagasaki" lat=32.976412 lng=129.797974], [pin map="japan" name="Kagoshima" lat=31.316101 lng=130.462646], [pin map="japan" name="Mt. Aso" lat=32.916485 lng=131.044922], [pin map="japan" name="Beppu" lat=33.293804 lng=131.495361], [pin map="japan" name="Himeji" lat=34.831841 lng=134.67041] and [pin map="japan" name="Kyoto" lat=35.031121 lng=136.474915].

[map id="japan" zoom=6]

China, 2004

In 2004, I also travelled around the East of China, visiting a collection of places: [pin map="china" name="Beijing" lat=39.926588 lng=116.38916], [pin map="china" name="Nanjing" lat=32.049989 lng=118.778687], [pin map="china" name="Wuxi" lat=31.578535 lng=120.300293], [pin map="china" name="Sozhou" lat=31.299675 lng=120.618896], [pin map="china" name="Shanghai" lat=31.231592 lng=121.464844], [pin map="china" name="Xian" lat=34.270836 lng=108.896484], [pin map="china" name="Guilin" lat=31.653381 lng=107.094727], and [pin map="china" name="Hong Kong" lat=22.275118 lng=114.198761].

[map id="china" zoom=4]