Living in Tokyo, it is often very easy to forget that there is a world out there; everything you could possibly need (or want) is on tap and, aside from a somewhat draconian working culture, life seems extremely easy.

It is this luxury, to which I have become so acustomed, that causes me to embark on my trans-siberian journey with no small amount of trepidation. These days, I am shocked--nae appalled--to discover an un-heated toilet seat; goodness knows how I will survive in a Mongolian Yurt. And, while it's possible that I do Mongolia an injustice, I find it hard to imagine the enquiry, "Does your yurt have WiFi?", will be particularly well received.

The journey will take over three weeks, giving time for a fleeting trip from Beijing through China, before travelling on through Mongolia and Russia, finishing up in St. Petersburg (Sankuto Peteruburugu for anyone of a Japanese inclination).

I've no idea when I'll have access to any form of communication during this time so blog updates may be few and far between. I am, however, armed with a phone and I hope to post a few updates via. my trusty web-admin Steve who has kindly agreed to cross-post any emails I send on.