For the last couple of weeks--in anticipation of the Apple TV--I've been trying to put together a solution for transcoding movies into a format suitable for my iPod, iTunes and Apple TV.

After much tinkering, I have come up with 'Transmogrify' which is a collection of Perl, AppleScript and a some Objective C which provides a Folder Action which will convert any movies dropped into a folder to iTunes mp4 files.

I'll put a page up in the 'Software' section when I have a free moment, but for the time being, you can download the installer here.

Once installed, just open the 'Folder Actions Setup' dialog and add the Transmogrify script to the desired folder.

Thanks must go to Thomas Sutcliffe who wrote me a little Objective C utility which sets folder icons.

The script contains ffmpeg, the project page for which can be found at