Being--somewhat inadvertently--a true devotee of the fixed-width website, I have long been frustrated by the effort of having to resize images prior to posting them on my site. Having to do all this client side work makes it much harder to blog without the presence of one's own computer.

Well, I've finally got around to addressing this issue by writing a small WordPress plugin which allows you to specify your desired image dimensions on a per-template basis. This moves control of this important part of the aesthetics of the design into the template, where it should always have been.

Right now its all running a little slowly as I haven't got around to implementing caching, but when I do, I'll make the plugin available...

Update: Well, I've now added some reasonable image caching to try to speed things up a little and reduce the load on the server which all seems to make it a far more usable solution. Downloadable version to come soon.