As I mentioned in a previous post, I've recently been enjoying playing around with

While I think it's a great piece of kit, being the lazy perfectionist (believe it or not, such a contradiction can exist) that I am, I have found a few things which frustrated me; notably the inability to listen on my HiFi and the lack of a decent remote control.

The first problem was easy to solve... on Sunday evening, I wandered out to the Apple Store on Ginza and--one AirPort Express and a copy of Airfoil later--I had Last playing very nicely on the HiFi sitting across the other side of the room.

The second required just a little more thought. I only own a somewhat outmoded 12" PowerBook with no built in support for Apple's little remote thingy so something more was required. Enter the Griffin Technology AirClick USB. Coupled with a little AppleScript and the wonders of Growl I now have a complete integrated solution!

Unfortunately, while it may look cute and be very slick, it currently only seems to work half the time... As and when I have a reliable solution, I'll post one up.