When going through life, many people manage to stick to one name, or maybe a name and a nickname at worst. Unfortunately, the internet seems to have put a stop to all that; I seem to have picked up a large number of identities:

  • Jason Barrie Morley -- My given name, the one chosen for me by my parents.
  • inertia -- My original internet handle, chosen by flicking a physics dictionary (yes, such things do exist) about 5 years ago now.
  • jbm37 -- The only way Cambridge University will ever know me. After 3 years of use, this one is now firmly engrained in my mind and still makes up my university email address (jbm37 at cantab dot net) and logins on various boxes.
  • J-chan -- This one, I seem to have picked up at work. I guess that's what happens when you work on the Japanese team!

Not much more to say really, just that it surprised/amused me.