In a somewhat 'shoot-myself-in-the-foot' action, I've finally got 'round to adding a counter to the website. Aside from royally pissing off my hosting provider having written it Perl (sorry Alex), it will probably reveal that no-one actually visits the site.

On other matters, I have been slowly tweaking the site design and am nearly there. However, there is still something missing -- I'm keen to have my photos online and, at the moment, the design offers no real scope for additional sections. Assuming delusional doesn't mind, I'm thinking of using something similar to the tabs on dx13.

Anyhow, back to the revision.

Update: Well, on the advice of Chris, I have switched the counter to 'RE_INVIGORATE' which seems to provide quite nice statistics. So, for the moment at least, I am saved from the wrath of the sysadmin.