Well, even though I promised myself I would not tinker with my Linux system any more, I went ahead and tinkered away. Glancing over the docs regarding webcam support in Linux revealed that getting my QuickCam 3000 Pro working wasn’t going to be the mammoth task I originally thought. - I ditched the (rather nasty imho) xawtv which comes bundled with Mandrake and installed two apps, CamStream and camE. CamStream is a GUI tool which uses QT, while camE is essentially the same stylee thing but is command line based. I’m still wondering which to use..!

Anyhow, wittering aside, the webcam now works… Take a look at the webcam page for more. I’m going to keep the new image there for a while, as Alice seems to like it (and I have yet to get the auto ftp thingy to work!).