Well, having been quiet for a few days, I thought no was the time to add a new post to my website. One in which, in all honesty, I am likely to ramble on for an extended period of time...

Any of you who have made a trip to www.electrichamster.net recently will notice that Jonty is trying to keep off the net for a whole four weeks during his exams. Will he make it? Well, when I spoke to him last night (by phone I might add) he seemed pretty determined. - I have to say Ill be impressed if he manages it. For myself however, its just a fix I cant do without. The joys of zipping along the internet highway at something near the speed of light.. well even now, away from my computer and any decent net connection and I'm still updating my website via avantgo. - Worrying ain't it!

I'm currently residing in a small house somewhere in the vicinity of the Norfolk Broads... looking out over the water. It's pretty pleasant, Ill give you that. And why am I here? - Well, sadly its that whole exams thing again... Two down now, but still three to go--so I'm escaping from Cambridge for a short period of time to try to cram some Physics... which, I guess, is what I should be doing now! :S

Anyhow, I think I've rambled for long enough... I shall save you from the witterings for a few more days, probably until my Physics exam is over at least.

Oh and Jonty... if you're reading this right now.. you should feel really guilty for deceiving us all like that! :P heh.