Since discovering computers, the internet and.. well pretty much anything like that, Ive always been impressed and, I guess to some extent, drawn in by the opportunities offered. It is now possible to do almost anything almost anywhere… the apparent freedom which new forms of mobile computing and communications provides is stunning. In the few years I have become increasingly geeky (for want of a better word), Ive designed websites featuring many different styles/types of content… Yet, there is one thing I have been unable to do. I keep a weblog, and still I say very little on it. Take a gander at Jonty's Blog. He somehow manages to talk about his deep feelings and concerns - something which, I guess must be very liberating.

So why am I commenting on this? - I dont know really, being wide awake at midnight does these things to you… maybe that's why some weblogs work and some fail. Them who fail just dont stay up late enough!