Seattle always provides a wonderful opportunity to reset, enjoy some slightly more British weather, and taken in more of a city culture than one encounters in South Bay.

A trip to Seattle is never complete without a trip to Pink Gorilla—I favour the one in the University District—which always proves quite the temptation.

I finally had an excuse to check out the Rapha store as I promised myself a really bright jacket for cycling in the hope that it helps the South Bay drivers notice me, something I’ve found they’re not great at. I was pretty impressed their magazine—Mondial—which seems to be somewhat Monocle-like, really putting an effort into the physical presentation, making it a pleasure to hold and page through.

Having visited a number of times now, I find I take fewer photos when returning to Seattle than I did at first. This time, most come from a walk I did along the Puget Sound, heading North to… ?

I couldn’t resist capturing the wonderful view of San Francisco we were treated to as we passed over on our return into San Jose airport.

Tamari? Doughnuts? Mondial? Breakfast place? With the Iranian food?