Over the years, I've tried to contribute various publications to archive.org where I can. For my own reference, I've collected links to the various items here.

Psion User

Summer 1996

Winter 1996/97

Summer 1997

Spring 1998

Winter 1998/99

Psion News

Psion Gold Support Service Bulletin


While I cannot take the credit for digitising these, the Internet Archive has a number of issues of Palmtop magazine. As it can be difficult to get an overview of what's available there, I've collected links to those issues I've been able to find.

Issue 15

Issue 21

Issue 23

Issue 25

Issue 29

Issue 34

Issue 35

Issue 36

Issue 37


Growing up in the UK in the 90s with limited access to the Internet, T3 magazine was the first (and invariably only) way I encountered new gadgets.

Since Future Publishing doesn't host old content and archive.org (specifically The Magazine Rack) has only a couple of issues, I picked up a few copies on eBay with a view to contributing scans. Unfortunately I received a DMCA takedown request soon after uploading them, so here are just the covers for reference. Hopefully I can find a better way to make them available in the future.

T3 Issue 21

Issue 21

Issue 22

T3 Issue 24

Issue 24

T3 Issue 34

Issue 34

T3 Issue 35

Issue 35

T3 Issue 36

Issue 36

T3 Issue 38

Issue 38