InSeven Limited


  • ametool – Tool for unpacking AME files
  • download-bing-image – Download the current image to a directory, optionally setting it as the desktop
  • evernote-bookmarks – Convert Evernote notes to bookmarks.html
  • google-drive-upload – Upload files to Google Drive from the command-line
  • html-to-qif – Convert HTML HSBC statement pages to Quicken QIF files
  • neko – Hudson and Jenkins status board
  • showrss – Download new torrents from ShowRSS
  • timestamp – Render an analog clock showing the EXIF timestamp into an image
  • update-gravatar – Set your OS X profile picture to your Gravatar

Objective-C Libraries



  • InModem – Windows system-tray application for controlling the Apple AirPort Extreme modem